Running a fax machine

... would be a great thing. But it will take some time until I'm able to handle it. Please do not ask for it before the end of the year - even then it maybe not finished... I think will use the combination of mgetty and sendfax, which seems to work well as some guys in the Usenet told.

Gert Doering, the mgetty+sendfax developer wrote in the i4l mailing list, that his software soon will work with ISDN4Linux perhaps (you need a fax modem yet). We will have to wait for it...

There is one possibility to prepare an operating fax system: take an old 2400 baud modem (with fax ability) or better a 14400 one and use it with mgetty; connect it to your ISDN telephone station. If there are cables free. Here are no one free, and I can't :-(

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